About Us

Make Your Business Healthy.

Fitnessworks is a dynamic team that delivers quality health and fitness programs to individuals and organisations. Our programs are all founded on proven Health and Fitness techniques, that are constantly reviewed and updated with current research. Fitnessworks can create programs for your professional training and development days, to add enjoyment and fun in your workplace.

Fitnessworks has evolved a strategic network of Health and Fitness Professionals who can provide advice and on-going support to the programs that it delivers. All instructors/lecturers employed by Fitnessworks are registered with their respective professional bodies and are leaders in their own fields.



Programs include.

  • First Aid.
  • Corporate Health and Fitness programs.
  • Massage (Corporate and Individual).
  • Training and Conditioning of individuals, athletes and teams.
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery techniques.
  • Lecturing and Workshops on the above areas.
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Essentially, Fitnessworks programs are an investment in people’s Health and Fitness. They are educational, fun and focus on developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. Investing in employee well-being creates a positive corporate culture of empowered individuals.