Do you care about your staff’s welfare?

Would you like to increase productivity, creativity and efficiency in your workplace?

Fitnessworks is a proven leader in providing solutions to workplace Health and Fitness issues, and has developed a reputation for delivering quality lifestyle programs. These programs are growing in popularity, largely due to the blurring of the boundaries between work and life. Managing stress and time management are two key issues, as is making efficient use of the minimal time some staff can devote to their own health. There are numerous studies indicating the relationships between high stress levels or burnout and the impact on employee health. Decreased productivity, absenteeism (sick leave) and high staff turnover may be the results.

One of our programs that is growing in popularity is the corporate massage. Corporate massage may be done at a desk, in a specialized massage chair, or on a table. Just a 10-15 minute shoulder and neck massage at your desk can refresh and invigorate you to last the rest of the day and perhaps the rest of the week. Whether used regularly for its benefits, during demanding times or as a special treat (such as corporate retreats, Workshops, P.D days), workplace massage increases productivity, lowers stress, adds to job satisfaction and enhances health and well-being.

Fitnessworks is able come to your workplace, with minimal disruption to your work day to treat your staff individually at a time scheduled for your convenience. In less time than it takes to have a coffee break, your staff are attended to at their work station. Small amounts of oil may be used and no clothing is removed.

Workplace massage enhances health for your staff in the following ways:-

  • Immediately lowers physical stress and tension. Reduces stress in the workplace.
  • Reduces muscular intolerance attained during sustained and/or repetitive activity.
  • Enhances health and well-being.
  • Increases alertness of mind and improves functioning of body.
  • Raises staff morale and attitude.
  • Increases performance and concentration.
  • Improves problem solving abilities.
  • Adds goodwill to your organisation through concern for staff welfare.
  • Massages are enjoyed by most people.